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LMTLSS Rewards Program

The LMTLSS Rewards Program is a great way to get deals, discounts, win giveaways & much more! The LMTLSS Rewards Program is based on a Points to Dollar System. For every 10 LMTLSS coins you earn you will earn $1 in store credit.

Being enrolled in the LMTLSS Rewards Program automatically enrolls you in special deals, contests & giveaways!

How To Sign Up

Click on the black button on the bottom right hand side of the screen that says "Rewards Program"

How To Earn LMTLSS Coins

You will automatically earn 50 LMTLSS Coins just for signing up for our rewards program.

You will also earn 50 LMTLSS Coins on your birthday. (You must sign up 30 days prior to your birthday to be eligible.)

You can earn 10 LMTLSS Coins by following us on Instagram @lmtlsslifestyle

You can earn 10 LMTLSS Coins by giving us a like on Facebook.

You can earn 10 LMTLSS Coins by sharing us on Facebook. (1 time)

You can refer a friend who will get $5 off their next purchase and earn 50 LMTLSS Coins for your own account by having them sign up for the LMTLSS Rewards Program with your link within the rewards program section. (They must sign up and make a purchase to get the discount.)

You can earn LMTLSS Coins for the amount of money you spend over time. (Accumulated Lifetime)

First $100 Spent - 50 Coins
First $250 Spent - 150 Coins
First $500 Spent - 350 Coins
First $1,000 Spent - 800 Coins