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About Us

LMTLSS is more than just a clothing and media company. LMTLSS is a community for all people worldwide who are not afraid to break boundaries, are fearless in all aspects of life, and push themselves to the next level in everything they do. We donate $1 of every sale to Children’s Cancer Research. 

Our Story started back in 2016 with CEO Trevor Finney creating LMTLSS. His background is within brand & media services and he has done extensive work within the music industry working as the Videographer for Joyner Lucas on multiple tours. Trevor is a natural content creator with an eye and vision for creating a message through video.  Trevor met Brendan Smith (Our current Vice President/ CFO) in 2016 and through friendship, the business was developed. Brendan has a background in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Brendan ensures supply chain, customer support, logistics, and operations are accounted for. 

Growing LMTLSS has become the ultimate dream meeting reality. We're a team of driven millennials that specialize in creating top-quality clothing and media content. As a startup company, we have a small dedicated team working on all aspects of the company. Each and every day the team is working on new ideas, content, and product creation to keep delivering our best to the Community. This is only the beginning and we look forward to having you a part of the community as we grow. 

Every supporter of LMTLSS who makes up our community is the most important piece of the company. When we see someone post about how much they love the new gear or how much they are motivated by our message that puts the biggest smile on our face. If you believe in living your life LMTLSS we would love to welcome you to our community. We are always here to chat and answer any questions you may have via email contact@lmtlssmedia.com, Facebook @LMTLSS Lifestyle or Instagram @Lmtlsslifestyle

Trevor & Brendan